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Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Eunsam Shin


    research: Visual cognition (object recognition, visual attention)

    interest: Photography, Playing the piano

  • Matthew Inverso

    research: Attention, Ensembles, and Statistical summaries

    interest: Karaoke, Crime dramas

PhD Students

  • Jiwoong Jang

    research: Depth perception, color vision in pathologic condition

    interest: Cycling, Swimming

  • Si On Kim

    research: Eye movement, Pupil dilation, Detection of deception

    interest: Music

MA Students

  • Jieun Cho

    research: Ensemble representation (feature distribution), Serial dependence

  • Kyuin Kim

    research: Consciousness, Metacognition

    interest: Drawing, People watching

  • Jeunghwan Choi

    research: Contextual cueing, Group attractiveness effect

    interest: Reading, Workout

  • Wonyoung Noh

    research: Ensemble representation, Categorization

  • Cheongil Kim

    research: Consciousness

    interest: Movie, Walking

  • MyoungAh Kim

    research: Ensemble representation

    interest: Doodling, Running, Disney

  • Jinhyeok Jeong

    research: Ensemble representation, Variance perception

    interest: Reading, Sleeping

  • Jihong Lee

    research: Ensemble representation, Visual pathways

    interest: Song writing, Baseball, Gastronomy

  • Yong Min Choi

    research: Size perception

    interest: Movie, Tennis

Research Assistants

  • JeongHyeon Park

    research: Visual perception (Optical illusions)

    interest: Reading, Space out

  • Dong Eun Kim

    research: Visual perception

    interest: Movie

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