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Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Eunsam Shin


    research: Visual cognition (object recognition, visual attention)

    interest: Photography, Playing the piano

  • Matthew Inverso

    research: Attention, Ensembles, and Statistical summaries

    interest: Karaoke, Crime dramas

PhD Student

  • Jiwoong Jang

    research: Depth perception, color vision in pathologic condition

    interest: Cycling, Swimming

MA Students

  • Jieun Cho

    research: Ensemble representation (feature distribution), Serial dependence

  • Kyuin Kim

    research: Consciousness, Metacognition

    interest: Drawing, People watching

  • Jeunghwan Choi

    research: Contextual cueing, Group attractiveness effect

    interest: Reading, Workout

  • Wonyoung Noh

    research: Ensemble representation, Categorization

  • Cheongil Kim

    research: Consciousness

    interest: Movie, Walking

  • MyoungAh Kim

    research: Ensemble representation

    interest: Doodling, Running, Disney

  • Jinhyeok Jeong

    research: Ensemble representation, Variance perception

    interest: Reading, Sleeping

Research Assistants

  • Jihong Lee

    research: Ensemble representation, Visual pathways

    interest: Song writing, Baseball, Gastronomy

  • Yong Min Choi

    research: Size perception

    interest: Movie, Tennis

  • JeongHyeon Park

    research: Visual perception (Optical illusions)

    interest: Reading, Space out


  • Oakyoon Cha


    research: Ensemble representation, Visual working memory, Binocular rivalry

    interest: Sci. Fi., Cycling

  • Eunbin Lee

    research: Stereopsis, Saccade

    interest: TV drama

  • Gaeun Son

    research: Visual working memory, Scene perception

    interest: Movie

  • Hyejin Kim

    research: Statistical processing

    interest: Boxing, Music, Playing

  • Kyeongyong Kang

    research: Saccade, Periphery, Visual working memory

    interest: Movie

  • Jisoo Sun


    research: Ensemble representation, Facial perception

  • Kangyong Eo

    research: Imagery, Facial perception

    interest: Music, Delicious food

  • Jihyang Jun

    research: Visual statistical learning, Object recognition

    interest: Healthy way to stay awake, What a psychologist means

  • Yaelan Jung

    interest: Swimming, Planting, Knitting

  • Hunjae Lee


    research: Statistical processing

    interest: Writing essay, Argument, Web surfing, Bullying Hwang

  • Sang-Ah Yoo

    interest: Drawing pictures, Bossa nova, Collecting accessories

  • Si On Kim

    research: Visual Attention, Imagery

    interest: Music, Reading

  • Woon Ju Park

    interest: Walking, Being organized, Seeing arts

  • Yihwa Baek

    research: Blind spot, Binocular rivalry

  • Seongmin Hwang

    research: Visual memory

    interest: Music

  • Tae Woong Yoon


    research: Object/face recognition

    interest: Walking

  • Sangrae Kim

    research: ERP, Consciousness, Visual crowding, Binocular rivalry

    interest: Writing SF novels, Bongo, Saving earth and animals

  • Shinho Jo

  • Kilho Shin

  • Jihyun Kim

    research: Blind spot, Object recognition, ERP, Patient study

    interest: Visual and aural arts, Cats

  • Kyung Mi Park


    research: Spatial frequency, Face perception, Electrical stimulation

    interest: Music, Drama, Bar/cafe hopping

  • Hee Yeon Im

  • Sung Jun Joo

Former Lab Members

  • Nam Hyuck Kong

    research: Neural correlates of consciousness

    interest: Classic films (Wilder, Hitchcock, Kubrick, etc.)

  • Yesung Rhee

    interest: Food, Music, Exercise

  • Gundo Park

    research: Desire, Behavior, Attraction

    interest: Rag dolls, Toys

  • Jenny Hwang

    research: Perception, Trauma, Development

    interest: Baking, Ballet, Yoga, Snowboarding, Rock climbing

  • Heewoo Park

  • Je-In Kim

  • Eun-Jang Yoon


    interest: Mountain climbing

  • Moritz Stolte

  • Joohye Roh

  • Kyung Mook Choi

  • Seok Joon Hong

  • In Ja Shin

  • Han Byul Rho

  • Yoon Woo Byun

Legacy Member Page.